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Wooden Stair Railing Elegance: Recommended Types of Wood Materials

Achieving an exquisite-looking wooden stair railing system requires two significant things. The material required to be used and enforced matters in the process of your personalized stair railings, especially if you are looking for custom woodwork. Such services in Englewood, CO, can be a struggle so you will be required to seek master craftsmen in the art of woodwork. Rest assured, because you will only find them here at Crown Rail!

Here is an epitomized list of wood materials you can choose from:

Western Cedar
If you are up to a traditional-looking, elegant, and classic railing system, cedar will be an ideal material. Cedar is known for its high resistance property, therefore you do not have to worry about decay and deterioration.

Mahogany is another excellent choice. It possesses stronger and harder characteristics, making it perfect for a long-lasting railing system. This exceptional wood type is also aesthetically beautiful as some mahoganies come with a dark reddish-brown hue.

Who says pine cannot match other materials? If you are looking for a more economical or cost-effective option yet can still achieve your desired railing system, you can opt for pine wood.

For higher durability and easiness to work in your DIY stair railing designs, beech wood is a good choice. This type of wood usually comes in yellow, brown, and red. This can be stained and polished to a good standard as well. As to why homeowners and DIYers choose this material, beech is known for its high resistance to tear.

As one of the most widely used types of wood, oak is popular for its highly aesthetic and beautiful properties. Oak comes in two recommended types, red and white oak.

If you are looking for a wood type that combats impact, cracking, and other forms of damage, choose maple! Also known as maple sugar, it has a unique clean-look characteristic. However, its durability and hard composition make it difficult to work with, so this is not recommended for DIYers.

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